Welcome to the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Brussels

Dear visitor,

A warm welcome to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Brussels.

First of all, let me express appreciation for your desire to know more about our country - the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Formerly unknown to the world as it was a part of the Soviet empire, Kazakhstan today is often referred to as a fast emerging Giant at the heart of the Eurasian continent.

Our country is one of the most dynamically developing states in the Commonwealth of Independent Countries. That applies not only to its economic development but also to those numerous improvements that take place in everyday life of Kazakhstan.

We hope this site will prove a handful tool in finding a lot of new and interesting about political, economic and cultural life of Kazakhstan.

Individual sections of the website are dedicated to the cooperation of Kazakhstan with the European Union, NATO, as well as to bilateral relations with Belgium and Luxemburg. We now opened an Embassy in the Netherlands.

We at the Embassy will be happy to provide additional information and assistance whenever needed.

Sincerely yours,